The project aims to help small producers sell their products both on the domestic market and abroad. In addition to increasing the competitiveness of small producers, the project aims to develop and seek opportunities to make such production and delivery safe for the environment.

For this purpose, an information resource and a forum have been created, where Ukrainians will receive professional information necessary to sell their goods. The purpose of the discussion at the forum is to create new products that will be sustainable and delivered in an environmentally friendly way.

The site and forum are implemented on the open-source platforms Ghost and Discourse.

We expect to launch a store soon for Ukrainian-made goods that meet the criteria: originate in Ukraine, are sustainable, or are made with recycled materials. Modern Headless eCommerce technologies will be adopted, which will reduce the cost of maintaining such a store and the cost of services for manufacturers.

The project is implemented with the participation of the NGO League of Defense.